Chimney Sweep Mossley

Professional Chimney Sweeping in Mossley

I will inspect the flue will take place to check condition and see if there is any obstruction or damage to the flue, then the appliance will be checked for any damage such as cracks and corrosion of the seals. The flue will be swept using the correct equipment and all fall out will be cleaned up and removed. I take pride in my work and all rooms are left as clean as they were found.

Finally a check will be done to confirm the appliance is drawing efficiently. All preventative measures will be taken to stop any soot getting on to carpets or furnishings by the use of dust sheets, protective footware and a commercial vacuum.

Why have your chimney swept annually?

Chimney sweeping is important as the build up of soot and tars in the flue can lead to restrictions and potential dangerous carbon monoxide leaks or even a chimney fire which can cause structural damage to the chimney and building, or even lead to a more devastating house fire.