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Oldham Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep in Oldham

D & R Chimney Sweepers is based in Oldham and run by Roland Joyce. He works to a very high standard and prides himself in the clean way in which he works leaving your home as clean as he found it.

Why does my chimney need sweeping?

A chimney needs to be swept because it is an exhaust system for your heating appliance. If the flue is blocked this could stop hot gases or poisonous fumes escaping from your house which could be a danger to your health and property. With a solid fuel appliance sweeping removes the soot, creosote and tar deposits which build up over time reducing the diameter of the flue and significantly increasing the risk of a chimney fire.

Fantastic service. Roland came the same day and did a professional and clean chimney sweep. I was expecting so much dirt but there was noneKealie. I would definately recommend. Thanks Roland.

- Kealie Beddoes

Very pleased with Roland service. Job done to a high standard. Would recommend.

- Karol Wolniewicz

Roland did a great job cleaning my chimney, very friendly and left the fireplace and surrounding area immaculate. Wouldn't hesitate using again.

- Kelly Donlan